Useful Items

Audio Technica ATR2100-USB USB/XLR Microphone with Knox Pop Filter and Headphones РI always recommend this setup for someone who wants all the hardware to get started in podcasting. The best part is that it has XLR so you can still use it if you upgrade your setup!

Recommended Reading:

The Recording Engineer’s Handbook by Bobby Owsinsky – This is the book that I recommend everyone to ‘Start Here’ when learning the fundamentals of the recording process. I always pick up great information every time I read it!

The Mixing Engineer’s Handbook by Bobby Owsinsky – Ideal book to shed more light on the art of mixing with the same helpful details that will continue to aid every level of mixing engineers. If you do your own mixes or work with other mixing engineers, it is a very useful because it explains very vividly how mixing is an art.

The Mastering Engineer’s Handbook by Bobby Owsinsky – Whether you’re new to mastering or want to what mastering engineers do, this book covers the definition of mastering as well as revealing the many details that a good master and a poor master is and why mastering is important for your projects.

Mastering Audio: The Art and Science by Bob Katz – Written by highly-regarded mastering engineer Bob Katz, ideal for anyone in the audio industry that wants get the most out of mastering.

Music Producer’s Handbook by Bobby Owsinsky – This is the book that puts it all together, I actually read this after I graduated from engineering college and wished it came out years before.

Other Recommended Podcasts:

EDM Producer’s Podcast – Great interviews with many of the up-and-coming EDM producers and a treasure trove of tips from the pros!

All Things Post – If you do post-production, this podcast is where the unsung heroes behind the camera get to talk about the industry as well as their accomplishments.