Guest appearance on Podcast Engineering School with Chris Curran

I was asked to guest with Chris Curran’s Podcast Engineering school where we go further in depth as engineers geeking out a little. Click on the link below or you can find it on iTunes/Stitcher/etc by searching for Podcast Engineering School!

Complete Audio Producer-Audiobook Production(Ep. 14)

Show Notes

– season finale
– things are beginning to get crazier and I want to give you all even more valuable content so this may be the last episode for a while

– previously, I was talking about voiceovers
– Audiobooks is a growing Industry
– time management is paramount
– time spent recording
– editing
– mastering
– qc
– in the beginning, you May do it all

– if you are recording your Voice or someone else’s different recording methods and editing
– author voice vs pro
– pacing
– performance
– number of voices in Audiobooks
– music licensing
– levels -3dbfs peak
– silences
– distribution iTunes audible

That’s it for this episode.
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Thanks and Tschüss!

Complete Audio Producer-Points and Royalties(Ep. 11)

For better understanding of the negotiation terms talked about works as another means to create additional streams of income on the projects you work on. I’ll start off with ‘What are points?’ and how they work. I even talk a little about the AMP Act (HR 1457) that is being passed for the benefit of audio producers.